Jake Riley

Engineering Services

Jake Riley has a strong commercial, operational and technical capability as well as a track record of executing projects in offshore, deep offshore, land, and shallow offshore terrains. Jake Riley excels at working with exceptionally competent partners and world-class talent to deploy innovative technologies towards realizing superior returns on our assets, growing with our stakeholders whilst preserving the environment. Jake Riley ’s Team consists of seasoned professionals with over one hundred years’ worth of combined experience in the oil & gas sector. Areas of oil field expertise span business development, facility and process engineering, supply chain, well engineering, well Intervention, field development studies, finance, Research & Development. Our value proposition focuses on “local implementation facilitated by global access

Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM)

We support offshore and onshore engineering services for production in all areas, offering our customers support from project construction to pre-commissioning with full product lifecycle support, product lifecycle preventive maintenance and assurance programs through our partners. Our procurement division handles the challenge of global sourcing and provides effective global procurement solutions under a single point of contact and responsibility. We adopt a highly efficient approach to the supply of materials and equipment

ESP Services

We offer installation, well maintenance, and ESP replacement services. Beyond simple maintenance and service, we offer solutions for increasing system oil-field run-life and optimizing production. Our highly qualified team of field engineers and field technicians are available all year round to partner with you to understand your specific needs and ensure that your ESP solution fits your technical and business goals. Whether your challenge is high gas and/or abrasive content in the fluid stream, high downhole temperatures, costly interventions, or a rapid production decline curve, our experts can recommend the best solution to keep your well on production.


Our’s is built on a solid reputation, and have emerged as a strong construction company with an eye for global reach. We are inclined towards creating a preferred enabling environment, as well as state of the art project for our clientele, not to mention our target towards infrastructural development for public consumption. Our team upholds its founder’s vision to be the to be the preferred Engineering, Construction and Project Management Company committed to delivering quality, timely and cost-effective services to our clientele, partners and investors with the sole purpose of providing professional services that exceeds client’s expectation with high returns on investment for our stakeholders. The way we undertake projects is based on permanently applying values that reinforce each other: socio-cultural value, experiential value, building-technical value and economical value. Our successful track record of delivered projects and strong relationships with our clients have reinforced our position as leaders in the market.

List of services offered include:

  • Equipment for wells with difficult operating conditions
  • Rentals
  • New equipment installation
  • Delivery and removal of equipment
  • Installation, commissioning, decommissioning, and removing ESPs
  • ESP and variable speed drive (VSD) maintenance
  • Testing and overhauling ESPs, VSDs, and all associated equipment
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • Production and operational analysis and optimization
  • Customer training
  • Installing and operating new innovative technologies
  • Production and operation supervision