Jake Riley


The Challange

Jake Riley was awarded the contract by OGFZA to implement an inventory management cloud solution to enable OGFZA in keeping accurate inventory and supervising the flow of all goods that passes through the Oil and gas free zones.

The Solution

After a series of interactions and engagements with OGFZA’s Operations team as well as their Planning Research & Strategy teams and a comprehensive review of OGFZA’s operational procedures document by our operational and functional team, we understood the business challenges surrounding OGFZA’s inventory management activities there by implementing an Oracle inventory management cloud system positioned to offer the best fit solution to meet the client’s requirements and could be scaled up to accommodate future business needs.

The result

The implementation of the Oracle inventory management solution enables OGFZA in supervising all flow of goods in and out of the Oil and Gas free zones while keeping accurate inventory. This solution also OGFZA and its staff to achieve and maintain the core values of OGFZA which is high ethical standards of a responsible public service organization specifically committed to Integrity, Service and Technology.