Jake Riley


The Challange

Jake Riley was awarded the contract by NCDMB to organize and execute the Nigerian Oil and Gas Opportunity Fair (NOGOF) which brings together major players across the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry including Government Agencies, Industry regulators and the National Assembly to showcase Opportunities in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry and present available in-country capacity. Jake riley was tasked with carrying out all preparatory activities leading to the conference which includes but not limited to branding, media and publicity, website development and implementation, securing sponsorships, organizing the conference, exhibitions and NOGOF awards. Jake Riley was tasked with organizing and executing the 3rd edition of NOGOF in 2021. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jake Riley was challenged with hosting the first virtual NOGOF event without losing the feel and experience of the previous editions. The implement as it had to be held virtually due to the covid-19 pandemic. This involved generating the feel and experience one would get from attending this event in person and representing it virtually by hosting virtual sessions, technical sessions, exhibitions, awards and a virtual networking lounge.

The Solution

NOGOF 2019: Jake Riley was able to put together a team experienced in project management, and event management, branding and technical team to organize and execute NOGOF successfully. NOGOF 2019 was themed “Maximizing Investments in the Oil and Gas Industry for the Benefit of the Nigerian People” with various speakers from stakeholders of the oil and gas industry. NOGOF 2021: As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions in the country, an event management solution was deployed to host the 3rd edition of NOGOF in 2021 themed “Leveraging opportunities and synergies for post pandemic recovery of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry”. The event management solution used was a robust platform that enabled participants to attend the technical and Opportunity sessions, virtual exhibition booths were designed and deployed to enable exhibitors at the conference showcase their businesses effectively. Virtual networking lounges and media rooms were created to enable participants network and share ideas seamlessly on the platform.

The result

NOGOF 2019 was a successful event with over 1,500 attendees, 38 sponsors, 60 exhibitors, 75 speakers with 200 projects presented and over 1000 opportunities were presented. The event was widely talked about in the energy industries as the event has over 70 media outlets covering the event. NOGOF 2021 was successful event and was widely received with positive critical acclaim as the first virtual event of its kind in the Oil and Gas industry. Despite it being a virtual event, NOGOF 2021 had over 700 participants, 78 speakers, 12 exhibitors with 19 opportunity presenters with over 200 opportunities presented. NOGOF 2021 was a very successful virtual event with the aftermath resulting in a host of requests from potential clients on the possibility of Jake Riley hosting their proposed virtual event.