NNPC Organisational Change Management & IT Governance

NNPC Organisational Change Management & IT Governance

The Challange

Jake Riley was awarded the contract by NNPC to develop a roadmap for achieving a global standard for the NNPC IT Organization with respect to organizational structure, operating models, manning, and CHQ vs SBU relationships. We were charged with Improve IT Governance with its core capabilities and enabling processes, imbibe change management initiatives for IT Governance Body in NNPC, implement global standards and frame works, increase adoption of IT-related business initiatives for benefits realization, and improve usage and adoption of existing IT solutions/services and tools

The Solution

Jake Riley was able to put together a team experienced in project management, change management and IT strategy & governance, to execute this project successfully. We were able to develop a comprehensive IT governance framework that aligns with the organization's overall goals and objectives, establishing clear roles and responsibilities for IT personnel and stakeholders, implement effective communication and change management strategies to ensure successful adoption of new processes and technologies, enhancing data management and analysis capabilities to support better decision-making, and develop and implement IT policies and procedures that align with relevant regulations and standards

The result

This project was successfully completed and lead to significant improvements in NNPC's IT systems and operations, resulting in improved business outcomes and increased competitiveness. Some notable results includes an improved efficiency and effectiveness of IT processes and operations, better alignment of IT with the organization's overall goals and objectives, enhanced risk management through improved IT governance practices, improved compliance with relevant regulations and standards, increased transparency and accountability in IT operations as well as enhanced data management and analysis capabilities, leading to better decision-making. An Increase in collaboration and communication among IT personnel and stakeholders as well as improved user satisfaction with IT services and support was also recorded.