Jake Riley



Based on research, diversity in senior leadership encourages innovation, improves decisionmaking, reduces corporate misconduct and improves financial returns. Tackling gender bias and workplace challenges are becoming a necessity for businesses, society and the economy at large. We believe that supporting and nurturing a growing pool of talented female professionals is a crucial step in achieving greater diversity and it is that what drives our work at Jake Riley Academy. Jake Riley Academy offers you the opportunity to take a critical look at your own leadership style and strengths on the 4-day course titled Rising Women Leaders.


At the end of this programme, participants will earn a certificate of attendance and will be empowered to;

Create a personal development plan so that you may move into the future with confidence as a leader.

Take charge of your career and learn to leverage on your strengths and identify limiting behaviours

Understand how to respond to culture and gender assumptions.

Examine your own identity as a leader and recognize your leadership ability

Join a network of current and aspiring female leaders who are preparing to broaden their impact and influence.


  • Introduction
  • Accepting yourself as a Leader
  • Understanding your context
  • Negotiating as a leadership practice
  • Becoming an influential leader
  • Developing as a leader: what can help you
  • Imagining your future possibilities as acleader


This programme is designed for women who are intent on growing their professional capabilities in their early to middle phases of their careers in management roles, with around 3 to 10 years’ experience in an entry to middle-management role. Participants will develop in their personal capabilities from a truly global audience, and beyond corporate life