Jake Riley

Consultancy Services

Jake Riley helps clients identify and address the performance gaps that reduce efficiency, increase costs, and create barriers to the consistent delivery of best-in-class products and services. Our approach to Operations Excellence allows us to create impactful solutions that maximize resources and change the way people work. By addressing the right root-cause challenges and embedding change management into every client project, we drive continuous improvements. Industry leaders know they can count on Jake Riley when they’re ready to transition from the current state to the future state.

We collaborate with you to tackle your toughest problems

  • Design operating models that drive business performance
  • Develop organization designs that support corporate strategy
  • Analyze, identify, and quantify key opportunity areas
  • Reengineer business processes that scale and replicate
  • Plan and execute initiatives to drive change
  • Create customized solutions for measurable results
  • Increase responsiveness to market dynamics with change management