Jake Riley

Capacity Training Workshop for Ministry of Petroleum Resources (MPR) Directors

The Challange

With the signing into law the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA 2021) by President Muhammadu Buhari, we understood that enlightening key stakeholders would be positive step towards its implementation.

The Solution

Jake Riley Ltd (in collaboration with the Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board - NCDMB) designed and organized this capacity training to unpack and discuss the provisions of PIA 2021. Participants for this training included Senior members of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources. This strategic choice was made as the participants are critical stakeholders that are saddled with the responsibilities of enforcing and driving the PIA 2021 for the industry and general good of Nigerians.

The result

Participants were very satisfied with the outcome of the seminar and are earnestly looking forward to a future engagement. Considering the assembly of professionals with experience, the delivery was a mix of PowerPoint presentations and interactive discussions which lead to healthy conversations and debates on execution of the subject under discussion. Participants actively engaged themselves on the workshop topic. Conversations were supported with a homegrown example for clarity and understanding.